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 sound art / arte sonoro
Nicolás Melmann
Phil Dadson
Sofia Unksen

video / vídeo
Laura Ige & Charlie G. Fennel

sculptures / esculturas
Emma Pidré 
Jimena Croceri
Linda Pongutá 

Mariana Murcia
Pavel Aguilar
Thomas Hirschhorn

paintings / pinturas   
Carlos Alfonso
Clara Cebrián
Mazenett - Quiroga
Nora Renaud
Sebastián Fierro

prints  / estampas    
Alejandro Salcedo

photography / fotografía
Agostina Valle Saggio
Anamaya Farthing-Kohl
Anna Ehrenstein
Camilo Pachón
Desireé De Stefano
Enrique Muñoz García
Faber Franco
Francisco Vázquez Murillo
Julia Sbriller
Kyle Tryhorn
Lucia Ananda Fernandez
Mariana Papagni
Matias Maroevic
Monika Gabriela Dorniak
Paula Aparicio
Samantha Cabrera Friend
Thales Pessoa
Ting Cheng
Virginia Francia
Will Fredo

3D images /  imágenes 3D   
Sofia Benetti

audiotheatre / teatro audio    
Francesca Giordano


The project consists in a lyric opera based on interviews with trans sex workers in Santafe neighborhood, Bogota, Colombia.
The aim is to raise awareness about their everyday fight for basic rights. 

This platform is part of the first phase of the project and aims to collect fundings to support the project and the trans women involved.

El proyecto consiste en una ópera lírica que se desarrollará a partir de entrevistas con mujeres trans que ejercen trabajo sexual en el barrio Santafé de Bogotá.
El objetivo es elevar consciencia sobre sus luchas diarias.

Esta plataforma forma parte de la primera fase del proyecto y tiene como objetivo recoger fondos para el proyecto y para las mujeres trans involucradas.



Opera-Acción is a lyric opera that will be developed from interviews with trans sex workers in Santa Fe neighborhood in Bogota, one of the most conflictive red light districts in Colombia.
The project aims to raise awareness about the every day fights this community has to deal with, such as extreme economical difficulties, verbal and physical abuses, exploitation and the denial of basic human rights. Sex work in Colombia is legal and recognized by the Constitutional Court but in reality it does not have political representation.

I will be working with female sex workers part of Red Comunitaria Trans in Santa Fe neighborhood, geographically and personally closer to me, they are just an example of the lack of equality and freedom that operates in different parts of the world. I also believe this is a matter of global interest in times where individualism and sexism are often accepted or passively normalized. Opera-Acción will work to raise awareness as a tool for a concrete change which I believe to be possible through openness, education and communication.

The choice of the “Opera” started from an investigation of the cultural and social implications of ‘Falsetto’ and on how sexual discrimination has been shaped by society through history. This opera genre (falsetto) started in the XV century, when was forbidden for women to perform on a stage and male singers would dress up in woman's clothes and sing in high pitch notes.
The term “Acción” (action) refers to the politically active position of the project.

This platform is part of the first phase of the project (which I’m developing with the support of SPREAD project) and aims to collect fundings for the project and the trans women involved. This phase consists in:

  • Interviews with the trans sex workers in Bogota starting from how COVID-19 is affecting them; from here I will look to get a bigger picture about their lives, the social and economical pressure and their lack of political representation. I will collaborate with Red Comunitaria Trans, an organization dedicated to the protection and empowerment of the trans community in the exercise of sex work in the Santa Fe neighborhood of Bogota.

  • Creating an online platform where artists will donate their artworks and the collected fundings will be used to support the trans community in Bogota generating alternative sources of income starting from now as they can't work during the quarantine. The money will entirely go to pay their participation in the opera project. 

This is the first phase of a long therm collaborative project which will culminate into an unconventional lyric opera where the community involved will take part both performing and shaping the process.
The next phases will involve activities related to the opera creation such as movement, voice, writing, costume making workshops.
We are also interested in taking part of formation/creation/research residencies around the world. We are open to invitations and suggestions.

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Virginia Francia (Milan,1990) in 2013 completed a BA (Hons) in Interactive and Moving Image at LCC, University of the Arts, London, UK.

Her work has been shown internationally since 2009. Some of her exhibitions includes We Buy Gold, Good to know & MALL, Art Basel circuit, Miami, FL (2019), Sisas, mi veci, FLORA ars+natura, Bogota, CO (2018), Begehungen, Institut Potemkin, Chemnitz, DE (2017), Latent Surfaces, Foothold, Polignano a Mare, IT (2016), Ammaraggio, Jump into the Unknown finissage, 56th Venice Biennale, Venice, IT (2015) Adventure Time is Over, Almanac Inn, Turin, IT (2015) and Prague Quadrennial of performance Design and Space, Prague, CZ (2015).

In the last years she took part in several artist in residency programs such as DIY break your reality, Southbank Centre, London, UK (2017), Centro Cultural de España, Montevideo, UY (2017), IR | Investigaciones en residencia, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación Floreal Gorini, Buenos Aires, AR (2017), Centro Rural de Arte, Trans Acciones Utopicas, Cazon, AR (2016), LPEP, Buenos Aires, AR (2016), Fondazione Spinola - Banna per l’arte, with Jason Dodge and Raimundas Malasauskas, Poierino, IT (2015), PA-F, Saint-Erme, FR (2013). 

Her experience with trans communities includes leading movement classes with colectivo micro at Bachillerato Popular Trans Mocha Celis, a transgender high school in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017).
Her interest in social practice also involves leading an experimental punk music workshop for elderly people at Centro de Jubilados y Pensionados La Paternal, Buenos Aires, AR (2016), assisting at Royal Opera House ballet classes for visually impaired people, London, UK (2014) and teaching at Flying Angel Art Club for artists with mental disorders, London, UK (2013). She is currently working with communication empowerment with the indigenous community A'i (Cofán), native to Sucumbíos Province, Ecuador - such as web development workshops.